sedat igdedzhi- invest in Kindergarten

Седат Игдеджи - sedat igdedzhi- invest in Kindergarten

sedat igdedzhi-Social project for the realization and organization of work of the kindergarten with a capacity of 60 children was implemented by the Association of Turkish capital.

Size of kindergarten playground is more than 200 sq. m.. It is equipped with safe game and sports equipment, providing a variety of children activities in the fresh air. The territory is also equipped with video surveillance system.
cedat igdedji
During its existence as a center for child development, our institution has gained credibility among parents and childrens love . Moms and dads can serenely go to work, because they know that our teachers strive to give their pupils the best: love, care and attention.
Елизавета Игдеджи ,Седат Игдеджи,Лидия Игдеджи
We invite you to visit the official website of the private kindergarten «Detki-Konfetki» —
For all questions please contact us: +375 (44) 544 55 22

Sedat Igdeci invest in Apartment building

Седат Игдеджи - Sedat Igdeci invest in Apartment building

Apartment building in Novopolotsk was built and commissioned In August 2016. Belarusian-Turkish building unitary enterprise «Olymp invest», member of the organization «Association of Turkish capital» is customer and the developer of the project. Building-mounting trust № 16 in the city of Novopolotsk has been selected as general contractor.

Bricks and blocks of cellular concrete were used as materials for walls. In this one, in opposition to panel house, there are more opportunities to implement design ideas of residents, for example, combining of rooms. Also, the layout of the apartment can be free and uniqueness.

There are 9 to 12 storeys, three blocks of flats and 120 apartments in the building. The new building is located in new 9th district with developed infrastructure – close to major shopping centers, new school, kindergarten, good transport links, parking. For new tenants a number of discounts on the purchase of apartments and flexible installmentsare are provided.

Official website of building unitary enterprise «Olymp invest» —

To purchase the apartments, please call: +375 (44) 7664467, +375 (44) 7108080

Hotel «Sun Hotel»

Седат Игдеджи - Hotel «Sun Hotel»

The member of «Association of Turkish Capital», LTD «SI-JuristGlobal» and investor Sedat Igdeji personally announces the imminent opening of the hotel SUN HOTEL located at Karl Marx street, 14 in Ostrovets, Grodno region of Belarus. The comfort level of the hotel is estimated at three stars, but in fact, under current international norms, the level of comfort of the hotel responds to four stars level. The value of investments in the project is 10 mln.


«SUN HOTEL» has 68 rooms, including:

-60 one-bedroom double rooms sized 24 m2 with 7 m2 balcony. Each room is equipped with two twin beds or one double bed, wardrobe, mini bar, desk, chair and other furniture. Each room has a bathroom with a shower cabin, sink, toilet and mirror.
-8 two-room VIP rooms (two on each floor) sized 55 m2 with 7 m2 balcony. Each room includes one double bed, two single beds, wardrobes, mini bar, sofa, armchairs, work area, two bathrooms with showers, toilets, sinks, and mirrored shelf.

All furniture is made by customers order and meets high quality requirements, according to the comfort level of the hotel.

So SUN HOTEL offers 60 double rooms, which can accommodate 120 people and 8 four-place rooms, able to accommodate 32 people. All in all, the hotel can accommodate 152 people.

We invite You to visit the official website of the hotel —

For all questions concerning accommodation, please contact us by phone: +375291110600 (Irina)


Седат Игдеджи - IBA IT Park

The project involves accommodation of three hectares of modern 4-6-storey office building with two elevators, parking for 300 cars and accomplishment of territory. It should be noted that the building is designed on area with complex relief and serves as a starting point in designing the whole block. A ventilated system is a basis of the facade of the building.


On the territory of sports-health center you can find hall for team sports, an outdoor tennis court, billiard and multi-purpose halls for fitness classes, aerobics, sports, ballroom dancing and bodybuilding. In addition to areas for active recreation there is space for passive recreation: relaxation rooms, massage rooms, a dry heat bath, SPA. There are also a snack bar and an oxygen bar in the building. The center adapted for accommodation and servicing disabled groups of people.


Parking accommodates up to 468 cars and it is an integral part of the infrastructure of the complex building of the company «IT-Park». The structure is a three-storey building with dimensions of the axes 54,6х72,0 m. the height of the first floor is 3,3 m, the second and third — 2.8 m. Space-planning decision of a three-level parking of open type is a multi-level bookcase.


The building is designed for server and administrative offices. The two-storey building in monolithic ferroconcrete wireframe of trapezoidal shape. Overall dimensions in plan: 38,4х14м without a basement, with a combined coating.